Parent Testimonials


Caring Friends is the best thing that could have happened to my daughter! Mrs. Terri and Mrs. Brandi showed so much compassion towards Kaylee when she was attending here and I am forever grateful for that. Kaylee has attended other daycares and none of them even come close in comparing to how great Caring Friends is. The teachers here actually genuinely care about your child and help them learn so much while preparing for kindergarten. They have made an everlasting impression on my daughter and helped shape her into the wonderful little girl she is today! We still go back and visit the teachers every time we are in town. If you’re looking for a great daycare at a reasonable price this is it! Oh and Mrs. Terri even helped my family out when we were going through some financial troubles in the past. She has the most caring heart so the name Caring Friends fits perfectly with this daycare! ” -Ashley Weyer

“Caring Friends Daycare is a blessing beyond belief. Amazing teachers that really care about all the children like they were their own. Very clean friendly environment.” We highly recommend.”- Kendall Sanders

” Caring Friends Daycare Ministry was the best decision that we have ever made for our boys and is well worth the wait on their waiting list. The teachers are extremely professional and caring. Cozy Christian educational environment. Our boys have learned so much including Spanish and Sign Language. They have two very nice playground areas and do lots of activities outside as well with the children – we have seen them do storytime, art, music etc outside ad of course play as well. We can not recommend them enough. They are amazing.” – Toni Matterly

“As a single Dad , Caring Friends Daycare Ministry has been a life saver. Caring teachers, affordable prices, clean environment, healthy good food my kids will actually eat and enjoy, kids have learned so much and have tons of fun. I can go to work without feeling guilty about leaving them at daycare like I did with daycare before this one. I just wish I found Caring Friends years ago before making the mistake of sending them to an in home the traumatized my kids. Caring Friends staff has been awesome and are great with my sons food allergy where last daycare made my two year old feel awful about his food allergy.”- Tom Brown

“We highly recommend Caring Friends Daycare Ministry. Our sons love All the teachers especially Mrs Terri. They have learned so much in last year. They provide delicious and nutritional meals. They plan lots of fun educational activities as well. All at an affordable price. Teachers always have time to make each child feel special and answer any questions parents may have.”- Dave Johnson

“My kids have been at Caring Friends for a year and a half and it’s been one of the best choices we have made for them. They learn so much, I can always count on them to have a healthy snack / lunch!! My kids even ask me to make what they made sometimes. I also feel like they prepared my son for Kindergarten, they learn the basics, but also some Spanish and sign language. And the best part, my kids love it there too!” – Lacey Collins

“Quality affordable smaller daycare. Nutritious hot meals , clean, professional, and more. They are very clean, take temperature, wear masks, and are excellent at following and exceeding CDC guidelines – and working in the medical field I know how important this is. Highly recommend.” – Renae Thomas

“Caring Friends Daycare Ministry is awesome. Quality care, professional teachers, nutritional meals, clean environment, 2 fenced in playgrounds, and so much more. Our 3 girls love ❤ coming to preschool daycare and love their teachers.”- Sharon Brown

“My daughter went to Caring Friends for a year before we relocated. She had the most amazing experience. The teachers are extremely attentive and truly cared for her. They have a ton of great activities to teach children with all learning styles.”-Jordan Cannon

” This daycare has helped my daughter and helped us with good daycare times. The employees and director are very nice and professional and care greatly about the kids they watch. The price of the daycare is also very inexpensive compared to other daycares in the area and the building doesn’t look gross like some daycares buildings do.” – Jesse Weyer

“This daycare has been amazing since day one and I have had my 6 year old there since she has been about 2 or 3 and have nothing but great experiences from this facility. They bring in great beliefs and great lessons and they always have fun activities for the children rain or shine.”- Jessica Altmeyer

“We absolutely love Caring Friends! My daughter has learned so much, and Mrs. Terri and Mrs. Brandi are so caring and patient with her! The best Daycare around for sure!”- Alexis Westfall

“We have gone to a number of daycares with our two children. Caring friends was the last and only daycare we will ever use again. There staff is second to none. Thank you!”- Dean Jackson

“My daughter has been attending Caring Friends Daycare since she was 3 years old. This is her last year with them before Kindergarten. I am truly sad that she has to leave such a wonderful place. The employees are all very professional, caring and kind. They teach the children Spanish and Sign language as well.” – Kayla Burris

“Overall I am very thankful for Caring Friends. Not only have they helped my son grow educationally they have also helped him grow in more ways then I could ever have imagined. I am very thankful for all the staff and their dedication to each child.” – Whitney Jackson

‘I would like to say that Caring Friends has been a great daycare and the staff has been great working with our daughter this summer. They have taught her life values and have shown patience/kindness. My daughter has learned to say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir”. She also prays before every meal now. She actually loves going to daycare. That is a new experience for her and us! This has been our first positive daycare experience and I will recommend them for any school age child. Thank you Caring Friends!–Brandon Meredith

“Caring Friends Day Care is the best thing that has happened to my daughter!! We enrolled her in this daycare, having low expectations after the previous two daycares that my daughter had been at. But we were blown away shortly after starting daycare here because of how great of a daycare it turned out to be! All of the staff at Caring Friends is beyond wonderful! You can really tell that the teachers genuinely care about the children and love them like their own especially Mrs. Terri. My daughter, Kaylee loved all of her teachers tremendously! Mrs. Terri and Mrs. Brandi both have had a huge impact on her and how she has bloomed into the sweetest, smartest, most well behaved child. She has definitely learned how to behave so much more after the positive reinforcements that Caring Friends uses with behavioral issues. Kaylee even knows some basic Spanish after attending here which is great at just 4 years old! I am very sad that we moved to a different city and couldn’t take Caring Friends with us. If you’re looking for a great reliable daycare, Caring Friends Child Care is where you should go! This is the best decision I ever made sending my daughter here! Thanks for such a great two years!!! ” “I genuinely mean everything I say in here. Thank you so much for being so great to our family. I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me out in times of need as well as helping turn Kaylee into such a great kid! We’re going to miss you tremendously! “- Ashley Weyer

” Caring Friends Daycare Ministry is one in a million. Director Mrs. Terri is the most caring person that I have ever meet. The teachers she has hired are very caring, nurturing and knowledgeable. They teach basics plus STEM, Spanish, and Sign Language as well. The food is very nutritious and my daughter absolutely loves it. She even asks to go to school on weekends or days off and asks me to make food like school so I have gotten some of her favorite food recipes to be delicious school food at home. I highly recommend Caring Friends Daycare Ministry.” – Mary Kight

“I can’t  say enough great things about Caring Friends. They are awesome. Structured, welcoming environment with active, caring, degreed,  involved teachers. They teach them so much-colors, shapes, pledge of allegiance, manners, Spanish, sign language, shoe tying, reading skills, science experiments, art, music, field trips, and so much more. Great communication between teacher/parents. Mrs. Terri the director is actively involved and always takes time to talk to each child to make them feel special and to answer every parents questions. I always know my children are safe, happy, and well cared for while here.”– Mikael Clayton

“Love everything about Caring Friends! I know my child is safe & cared for while there.”- Misty Halstead

“I absolutely love Caring Friends and all of the caring staff. My three children have attended there for years and not seen anything but the best quality of care. My children actually have taught me a lot from what they have learned at preschool – Spanish, Sign Language, Science Experiments, American History and so much more. Best decision that my wife and I could have ever made. Mrs. Terri is the director there for years and so friendly and knowledgeable. She always has time for every parent and child even if she is trying to run an errand to the bank – she will always stop what she is doing to help. She is a great leader and role model. My children also enjoy all of the field trips and great food that they have too. I highly recommend Caring Friends.” – Joe Sanders

“Terri Hartweck is one of the most caring and compassionate individuals I’ve ever met, but not only is she wonderful on a personal level, she is perfectly suited as a director, educator, leader, and spiritual role model to children, their families, and staff. Each of my three children have attended preschool throughout the past five years at Caring Friends Daycare Ministry,where ‘Miss Terri’ is employed as the ministry’s director, My children have tried and tested Mrs. Hartweck and her staff with the gambit of ADHD and ODD related stunts, but Mrs. Hartweck has been unwavering in her systematic and education first approach that is both stern and appropriate yet kind, fitting, and fair. Not only have my children loved attending daycare/preschool at Caring Friends, but they have thrived academically, emotionally, and spiritually under the direction of Mrs.Terri Hartweck. ‘Miss Terri’ has taught my children to enjoy learning and in turn has given them a precious gift that will last them their lifetime. I would recommend Mrs. Hartweck and her expertise in early childhood development and education to anyone looking to give their children a strong start in life. ” – Amy Sitzman

” Caring Friends is a God send. I absolutely don’t know what I would have done without them. I had tried 3 daycares and homes before finding them and waiting on wait list to get in, but it was all worth it. The teachers are caring and nurturing. The meals that the cook provided are unbelievable – my kids always want me to call Mrs. Terri to find out how to cook the meals on the weekends or for supper. Mrs. Terri is the director and she is the kindest woman that I have ever meet, very knowledgeable and treats the staff great and the kids and parents like family as well. The academics is better than most schools. My kids have learned Spanish, Sign Language, how to write their complete names, ABCs, numbers,  history, science experiments, tasty Tuesday and Food Friday cooking, Show-n-tell, and so much more. They even brush our kids teeth. they go on field trips and parents are always invited and welcomed to go along as well as parties and luncheon parents are invited too. I would highly recommend them.” - Angela Smith

“I can never say enough good things about this place. Structured, welcoming environment with active, involved teachers. Great communication between teacher/parents. I always know my child is happy, safe, and well cared for while here.” Alicia McDowell

“I am a working grandmother and needed daycare for my granddaughter. It is hard to find a place that provides a comfortable and secure environment; however, I found that place at Caring Friends Daycare Ministry under the direction of Terri Hartweck. They are Christian based, my granddaughter has been taught the word of God, treating others with respect, how to share and how to pray. She has learned her ABC’s, numbers, letter and number recognition, Spanish and sign language, opposite and same game shapes, music and even computers. She has learned life enhancement skills like patience, understanding and love. She eats well balanced nutritious meals and snacks and has the opportunity to exercise in the adjacent playground. The love and patience that Mrs. Terri gives the children makes me realize how blessed I am to have found a home away from home for my granddauther. Terri provides a wonderful, nurturing, and loving environment for the children in this daycare and that flows into the hearts of at flows into the hearts of the staff that she over sees” — Kathy Tuley

“My son attended Caring Friends Daycare for a couple of years, and I consider myself lucky to have found them, and Terri, when I did. My son is on the autism spectrum, and Terri and her staff were always patient and caring.  She always, always, took time to discuss things with me in length and I always felt that I could go to her with any concerns or questions I might have regarding my son’s care. Terri is very involved with the children who attend the daycare, their parents, and her staff.” – April Vogt

“We have loved having our son attend Caring Friends Daycare Ministry. He has come home singing songs, saying prayers, and talking about nature walks.He has made so many friends and talks about his friends and his teachers often. We can see our son is very happy going to “school” and have peace knowing he is enjoying his day. A true gem of daycares”. — Samantha Saini

“I really love Mrs. Terri and the staff of Caring Friends. They are very organized, professional, and extremely attentive to each child at the daycare. They are truly like family to us. “– Shannon Higgins

” We absolutely love Caring Friends Daycare Ministry. Mrs. Terri and her teaching staff are amazing. We can really tell how much they truly adore the children. My children have learned so much over the past years from phonics, Spanish, computers to compassion and sharing and caring. All three of my children were ready for school when the time came. They still attend afterschool and on all those days that school is out – spring break, Christmas vacation, and Summer. Going to daycare is one of their highlights of summer break. They also really love the food. All they talk about is the great food they eat. Also they do lots of fun activities and field trips. we can not say enough wonderful things about this daycare and its staff. They are a one of a kind.”– Carl Calvin

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone  has been great during my son’s time at Caring Friends Daycare. He felt so comfortable and very loved. He would come home and say, Mrs. Terri called me sweetie today or Mrs. Brandi helped me with my artwork today. His papers and attitude reflected the teaching of caring for each other and loving each other. I noticed how much better he seemed to respond to working on something as a team and doing his  personal best. I am excited that I have Caring Friends Daycare to refer my friends to for their children! Thank you for caring for my son over the years as he was your own. I appreciate ALL of you for your talent of working with children and placing excellent values in your organization which then flows into the children. God Bless each and everyone of you! My son misses you and so do I! What a joy it has been to be a part of Caring Friends Daycare Ministry and I would highly recommend you to anyone.” – Kristi Eggers

Caring Friends Daycare Ministry is a wonderful place to take your children beginning at age 3 years old up through school-age years. Terri the director, is a very compassionate and caring individual, that puts your child’s needs as a top priority. All   3 of my children learned SO MUCH from their wonderful teachers that she hires and trains to instruct each of her classrooms.” - Tabitha Taylor

” Both of my boys have attending Caring Friends for many years and they are wonderful. I would highly recommend them. Mrs. Terri and her staff are very compassionate and knowledgeable about children.” – Brian Thomas

“Caring Friends Daycare Ministry is truly a God send. I would highly recommend them. They have the best staff and most caring director. They truly care about the children in their care and treat them like family. My children have learned so much. The food is outstanding – they eat so well and their plates are so full of tasty food that I have tasted myself on Father’s Day Luncheons and a couple days that I just had lunch with my children and was very welcomed to do so. The daycare is very clean and neat. Staff is always cleaning in their down time. What is even more surprising is how affordable it is to get all of this for cheaper than a lot of daycares that don’t even begin to compare to the quality that want to charge upwards of $50 more a week than they charge.” – David Smith

“I highly recommend Caring Friends Daycare Ministry to you and your family. I was very impressed with Terri the director and the staff’s expertise in child development and the patience and caring they showed the children.   My son was excited to go to preschool everyday and he came home eager to show us what he learned. My 3 year old started in August and unfortunately we had to move to a different city at the end of December. During the short 5 months my son attended Caring Friends I noticed a significant difference in pre-readiness, listening and social skills. We always have read a to him, but now he wanted to “read” to us. Each evening when we would read books and he would point to each word as he read a memorized book, such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear. His imagination really took off!  In addition, by December, he could count to 10 in Spanish, and was attempting count to 40 in English. The curriculum includes reciting prayers and songs, and basic sign language! We also noticed he was able to follow two and three step directions. My mom is a 1st grade teacher and she told me that he already has skills that she has to teach her 1st graders. Each morning the students recite the pledge of allegiance and talk about the president, vice-president, secretary of state, and their spouses. It seems like most schools got away from the saying the pledge of allegiance in the classroom and I was happy that this preschool instills patriotic values and pride. They talk about the flag and how many stars and stripes are on it. Caring Friends not only teaches academic skills but also instills social skills and how to be caring and respectful to other people. He says yes mam, no mam, please and thank you, excuse me, bless me. I was impressed how respectful and courteous he has become to adults and his little sister. Caring Friends has gone above and beyond all of my expectations. Caring Friends is an inviting place for children to play and learn. I strongly recommend Caring Friends to everyone! “- Caroline Conover


Terri Hartweck – Daycare Director