Covid -19 Procedures

Daycare is currently closing an hour early at state recommendations to allocate an extra hour a day for detailed cleaning and sanitation to work towards prevention of covid-19. We are currently closing at 5pm instead of 6pm.

We are strictly following CDC health recommendations and guidelines.

We currently also do daily temp checks of all children at drop off, lunch, and after naptime with Non-contact infrared thermometer.

All staff wears masks inside the building and anyone entering the daycare must wear a face mask as well.

Children 8 years old and older wear a mask in the building and children under age of 8 can wear a mask if parent choses and mask are available.

All staff does daily temp checks before starting shift and after coming back from lunch and all breaks.

Parents are able to enter building to entry way to sign child in and must wear a mask, but are not currently allowed in classrooms to reduce the spread of covid-19.

Please do NOT send your child or pick up your child if you have covid-19 related systems or show any signs of illness such as high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lose of sense of smell or taste, etc.


Terri Hartweck – Daycare Director